Commercial Renovations

Commercial Renovations by SwimSmith

SwimSmith are expert builders that also have the knowledge and skills to be able to transform large scale commercial swimming pools.

Scroll down to find out more about some of the commercial pools we have renovated.

50m Swimming Pool Renovation

Here you can see a 50 swimming pool as the work was about to commence.

This pool was in desperate need of repairs and was rather old.

50m Swimming Pool Renovation Completed

And here you can see the same 50m swimming pool after SwimSmith has finished renovating and refurbishing the pool.

St Aidan's Pool Being Excavated / Resurfaced

Here you can see the swimming pool at St. Aidan's college being excavated / having the surface get cut back in preparation for renovation.

St Aidan's Pool Being Sand Blasted

Here you can see the swimming pool at St Aidan's being sand blasted as part of the renovation process.

St Aidan's Pool Renovation Completed

Here you can see the St Aidan's Swimming Pool after Swimin has finished our renovations.

St Margaret's Swimming Pool Before Renovation

Here you can see the Swimming Pool at St Margaret's College before SwimSmith has renovated the pool.

St Margaret's Pool Renovation Structure Repairs

Here you can SwimSmith doing structural repair work to the swimming pool at St Margaret's when we were renovating the pool.

St Margaret's Swimming Pool Renovation Completed

This shows the same swimming pool from St Margaret's after SwimSmith has finished our renovations.