How SwimSmith Builds Your Swimming Pool

SwimSmith has years of experience constructing swimming pools. 

The question we are asked most commonly is “what is the process involved to build my pool?”

Scroll down to view the vital steps to creating a pool that you can not only enjoy, but that will last for many years to come.

Step 1 - Engineering and Building Approvals

The first step in biulding your pool is getting engineering and building approval.

Step 2 - Pool Is Marked Out

The next step is the marking out of the pool in the yard.

Step 3 - Excavation with a Safety Fence

The third step is to dig out the pool ensuring that all safety guidelines are met, including installing a temporary fence.

Step 4 - Shell is Boxed and Steeled

After that, we box up the pool and lay steel into the body of the pool.

Step 5 The Plumbing is Installed

Next we install all the plumbing and piping for your pool, including putting in the wiring for your underwater speakers.

Step 6 - Pool Spraying

After that we spray concrete into your pool to form the body of your swimming pool.

Step 7 Shell Left to Cure

We then leave the shell of the pool to cure and harden to ensure the quality of the pool.

Step 8 - Tiling Work is Completed

Once the concrete has been properly cured we can complete the tiling work in the pool.

Step 9 - Pool Interior is Applied

Then we apply the interior of your choice to the swimming pool.

Step 10 - Equipment is Fitted

We then finalise the setup of any equipment for your pool, such as the pump and filter.

Your Pool is Ready for Swimming

Your new SwimSmith pool is ready for years of enjoyment.