Underwater Sound

Enjoy your favourite tunes under the water!

Underwater Sound from SwimSmith

Underwater Sound Australia are the suppliers of high quality underwater sound systems that allow crystal clear sound to be heard both under and above the water.

We use a range of professional quality systems to allow sound to be heard by swimmers in swimming pools, the ocean & rivers.

We cover installation for professional & recreation purposes such as swimming, scuba diving, marine research, snorkeling & synchronized swimming to under water defence systems for coastguards & Navy’s throughout the asia pacific region.

There are 2 different types of underwater speakers available with one being a built-in speaker and the other being a drop-in speaker.

Both speakers can be used in fresh or saltwater and won't rust or corrode. There is no voice coil to burn out and they are completely passive, non-powered devices.

Be sure to contact us for more information about our Underwater Speakers or download one of the information sheets below.